What has been said in response to Beat Chronic Pain,
An Insider’s Guide:

“Maren Mitchell’s taut and compelling analysis of resistance to chronic pain is a testimony to the strength of the human spirit. In this book of practical and varied instruction for ignoring pain, she exemplifies the possibility of courageous rebirth, a phoenix who has risen from the ashes.”

– Joan M. Howard, M.A., teacher and poet

“The mixture of poetry and prose is engaging and unusual. What I particularly like about Maren Mitchell’s book is the emphasis on what the patient can do about his/her pain, and that the solutions do not usually lie with going to the health care provider. ‘Whose life is it anyway, the patient’s or the pain’s?’ The idea of being responsible for your own well-being is critical if a chronic pain patient is to lead a rewarding life in spite of the pain.

This slim volume…brings to a chronic pain patient avenues of mastery of the pain. Although a highly personal story, all who hurt can learn from it. Full of good ideas…it does not hold out unrealistic hopes or quick cures. This book would be a great addition to a pain patient’s reading list.”

– John D. Loeser, M.D., Professor Emeritus, Neurological Surgery and Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, University of Washington

“Maren O. Mitchell tells an amazing account of learning to live with chronic pain. It is about pain that those of us who deal only with the normal aches don’t understand. It is about pain that is endured. Maren’s methods of taking control of her pain are not complicated and would seem easy to those of us without pain. They are not easy. They are simple. They give back the joy of living that pain steals.”

– M. Michelle Keller, Young Harris, Georgia

“Maren Mitchell writes a clear and personal story of pain. She walks us through steps of adaptation and change. Anyone who reads Beat Chronic Pain, An Insider’s Guide will engage with her transformative and empowering process. Her positive approach will inspire the reader to live fully in the face of any challenge. Her personal treatise and her practical steps will guide the reader to develop a unique plan for the only life there is to live, a full and productive life, even with pain included.”

– Mary A. Ricketson, MAEd, LPC, Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor

“How can one traverse the seemingly unbridgeable chasm between one’s private experience of pain and a shared understanding with others? How does one bring pain to speech? Maren O. Mitchell’s consistently liberating, and even rejuvenating response to her pain provides the opportunity to understand one’s own pain differently. Witty, charming, practical, Beat Chronic Pain, An Insider’s Guide gives us an enrichment of life in response to a tension in being human—between the immediacy of pain and the distance of reflection about it. This book helps us see the subtle freedoms available in each moment, enabling far more than merely surviving pain.”

– Nathan Eric Dickman, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Young Harris College

“In Maren Mitchell’s book, Beat Chronic Pain, An Insider’s Guide, blunders, dead ends, unexpected help, and new pleasures are elegantly woven into a powerful story. She illuminates the twisty road she has traveled while learning to deal with chronic pain, detailing her life-encompassing trip with intellectual, emotional, and practical tools that anyone can use to fight pain. Enlivened by her poetry, and without sugar-coating, her account is compact and accessible. This book can help both chronic pain sufferers and those who love them.”

– Ellen Andrews, Asheville, North Carolina

“Maren Mitchell’s poetic nature peeks out as she guides the reader through a much needed, personal book about relieving chronic pain.”

– Karen Stark, R.N.

“What a gift! In this book, Maren Mitchell shares her very personal experience with chronic pain, along with techniques that have enabled her to separate herself from it. Any reader, whether a sufferer from occasional or chronic pain, can benefit from the tools in this book. Maren shows how to develop abilities that allow one to appreciate each day and each moment within the day, regardless of the challenges faced.”

– Rosemary R. Royston, M.F.A., poet and teacher

Beat Chronic Pain, An Insider’s Guide is available through Line of Sight Press for $9.75 by CreateSpace on Amazon.