Beat Chronic Pain, An Insider’s Guide

Return to Your Life: Ways to Confront and Relieve Pain Through Avenues Other Than Drugs

Maren O. Mitchell


If one is taking a trip into unfamiliar and ominous territory, it is a great help to have a guide, especially a guide who knows the region and has personally mapped out trails through it. Maren Mitchell provides such guidance for sufferers of chronic pain who desire no-risk or low-risk means of dealing with the condition that has come to rule their lives. As a poet, she is well acquainted with human emotions and can express these accurately and succinctly. This gives her an advantage over the usual author writing about medical subjects, who tends to rely on facts and statistics in a logical but mechanical and detached way.

Mrs. Mitchell has produced a small book that is well written, easy and enjoyable to read, and informative. She provides clear direction to lay people who may have little background in biology, psychology, or medicine. At the same time, she names resources for more extensive study for those readers who want to pursue the subject further.

In general, as pointed out by Mrs. Mitchell, health care providers overlook the self-directed pain management techniques that she discusses. Thus, this compact work that she has prepared for the layman fills a niche. Individuals who are incapacitated by chronic pain can find much of value here.

Robert H. Wilkins, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Neurosurgery,

DukeĀ University Medical Center

Beat Chronic Pain, An Insider’s Guide is available through Line of Sight Press for $9.75 by CreateSpace on Amazon.